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Ryze Tech Tello 3-Bay Battery Charging Hub

Prekės kodas: CP.PT.00000271.01

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Ryze Tech Tello 3-Bay Battery Charging Hub
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Bruto svoris0.06 kg
Classification of batteryCL126:NE:2016-12-09
Composition of batteryCL127:KT:2016-12-09
Embeeded batteryYes
Gamintojo prekės modelio pavadinimasTello 3-Bay Battery Charging Hub
Garantija12 mėn.
Kitos savybėsMake sure all of your Tello batteries are charged up with this Tello 3-Bay Battery Charging Hub from Ryze. This hub can accommodate up to three batteries, saving you the time and energy of charging each battery individually. The hub charges your batteries in sequence according to their voltage levels, from highest to lowest. That means that the battery with the highest voltage is charged first, and when it's completely charged, the battery with the second highest voltage will automatically begin charging, and so on. Please Note: This hub does not include a Micro-USB cable and USB charger, but one is required in order to power this charging hub. This hub supports a maximum of 5V/3A of input power. When tested using a CE-certified USB charger with a rating of 5V/2A, the hub fully charged all three batteries in approximately two hours.
Neto svoris0.05 kg
Techniniai parametraiInput Power 5V/3A For Tello Drone Flight Batteries Works with GB1 1100mAh/3.8V Batteries Charges up to 3 Batteries in Sequence 5V/3A Maximum Input Power Requires a USB Charger (Not Included)
Gross depth (mm)100.00 mm
Gross height (mm)40.00 mm
Gross width (mm)110.00 mm
Packing quantity1.00 dalių
Plastic (No PET)10 g
Tare weight (kg)0.01 kg
TI weight (kg)0.03 kg
Type of batteryAccumulator
Volume (m3)0.00 m³
WEE classificationCL109:5:2017-04-01
WEEE taxYes

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