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Goodyear Glass cleaner 500 ml

Prekės kodas: Glass_cleaner_500

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Goodyear Glass cleaner 500 ml
3,51 €

Būsena: Prekyboje

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Bruto svoris0.58 kg
Embeeded batteryNo
Gamintojo prekės modelio pavadinimasGlass cleaner
Garantija24 mėn.
Kitos savybėsSuitable for inner and outer sides, also suitable for cleaning lamps. The formula for high quality licensed materials ensures the simple and efficient removal of dirt, insect debris, tobacco stains, fingerprints and other impurities. Using this Goodyear glass cleaner, spray the cleaned surface, wait a little, then simply wipe with a clean cloth or paper. It is recommended to use a sponge in the presence of old dirt.
Neto svoris0.406 kg
Gross depth (mm)220 mm
Gross height (mm)90 mm
Gross width (mm)90 mm
Packing quantity1 dalių
Paper/Pasteboard139 g
Plastic (No PET)35 g
Tare weight (kg)0.174 kg
Volume (m3)0.001782 m³
WEEE taxNo

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